PRESTON, SHELLY, PRESTON by Sharon Lee Johnson

Preston clutched the machete.
Shelly didn't let go of the bloody knife. "Don't come near me. I have been scratched."

Preston looked down at the dead body. "What happened?"

Shelly stood trembling. "He was turning. I shoved the knife into his eye."

Preston held out his hand. "We need to get out of the city."

Shelly looked at her neighbor. "Kill me before I turn."

Preston took a step closer. "I'm not leaving without you."

Shelly began to laugh. "Everyone thought you were the crazy one.You knew all along."

Preston raised the machete. "They are surrounding the house. We need to go."

Shelly remained silent. Blood oozed from her eyes.

Preston smiled. His time had finally arrived. 

One swift swing; her head fell at his feet.

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