Run. That was Todd's Goodwin's only thought as he stared at the massacre in front if him. 

"What are you doing? Run!" yelled mark Hamilton, reiterating his thoughts.

Todd did his best to stand up, vacillating until he could support himself against a wall. The explosion had been more voluminous than they thought it would be. They came into the situation with thirty people and as far as Todd knew, he and Mark were the only ones left. As Todd stood up he watched as Mark ran down the hallway only to be caught in the arms of one of the many desolate creatures that still remained after the explosion. Tears formed in Todd's eyes as he watched helplessly, refraining from screaming. To his knowledge, he was all alone. All his friends had died on this mission. A failed mission. He mission that just happened to be their last hope. 

"What do I do now?" He whispered to himself. 

His pain and sadness  quickly turned to anger as he watched the two bodies, his closest friend and the creature, rise from the ground. 

"Why?! Why did it happen like this?! We came here to amend the area, not turn it into a derelict, pile of rubble!" He screamed, his voice breaking on the last few words. 

He didn't know what he was doing, his boisterous acts were only going to cause him more problems. The creatures fad him, their glare penetrating all his defenses. Todd was afraid, injured, alone, and unarmed. His gun was thrown from his hand during the explosion. Panicked, he searched the ground for his gun, searching through the smoke and dust. At first he had trouble seeing. The dust and smoke was only growing thicker by the second. After a few seconds he noticed it just four feet in front of him, a pistol near the wall. He looked back up, expecting to see the creatures much closer than they had been just a few seconds before. He was surprised by the anomaly in front of him. The creatures remained standing where they were, watching Todd and keeping their distance. Todd made his violation and jumped for the gun. He braced himself, knowing that the impact would hurt, hitting the ground with the gun well within arm's reach. The creatures reacted to this sudden action by sprinting forward towards him. Using any and all available adrenaline, Todd grabbed the gun and shoved himself off the ground, taking aim at the creatures as quickly as possible. He quickly fired off two shots at the one on his right, the one who had gotten his friend. The first round buried itself in the creature's left shoulder while the other flew straight into the creature's throat, just above its collar bone. Feeling confident as the creature hit the ground, Todd turned to the creature that had once been his friend, only to receive a blow to his left arm. The blow felt similar to a baseball bat that had struck him in the arm, rendering it useless. The creature that had once Ben his friend was now in front of him breathing heavily, a hungry look in his eye that replaced the amiable light that had once been there. The creatures shoved Todd against the wall, biting and thrashing at him. Todd was forced to shove all the thoughts of the friend he once knew out of his mind and focus on the situation at hand. His left arm now useless, he fought with his right arm, doing his best to shove the gun as close to the creature's face as he thought possible.  As strong as the creature's arms were, they were surprisingly lithe, allowing him to twist and maneuver his good arm. Todd had the perfect shot lined up with his finger on the trigger, yet somehow he was unable to do it. Inch by inch, the creature's face crept closer and closer to Todd's neck. 

"Aaaaaarrrgggghhhhh!" Todd yelled in desperation as he squeezed the trigger. 
The creature's body fell to the floor, leaving Todd alone against the wall. He dropped his head and began to chastise himself for his reprehensible lack of action. 

"There's no time for this," Todd said, "I need to move." 

With all his might, Todd made his way down the hallway towards the outside, trying to flee the licentious environment that was the creature's lair. Off to his left he heard the quick pitter-patter of feet, encouraging him to move faster. Using his good arm, he bashed the the door to the outside, twisting as he fell to aim at the creature that was now visible in the daylight. The zombie's grey and decaying skin could now be seen. Todd fired his last three rounds into the zombie, all of them puncturing the zombie around the its neck. It's momentum carried it forward and would have landed on Todd, had he not moved. Tired and defeated, Todd laid on the ground trying to mediate his thoughts. The whole fight against the zombies had been unilateral the whole time. Now he was alone, injured, and truly defenseless. 

As he  stared into the sky, a vivacious bird flew into his field of vision, bringing Hope with it. The bird had brought tranquil thoughts as Todd listened to the sound of people shouting just a short distance away. Todd did his best to turn and look in the direction of the noise, catching the group of people as they came into view. 

"There! He's alive!" Yelled a woman. 

A few people ran to him from the small group that could now be seen. The woman dropped next to Todd and began to check him for any sign of a bite. When she was satisfied she looked him in the eye, not saying a word. The only thing Todd could notice was the amorous glow that radiated from them. 

"Don't worry, we're here now." She said, smiling.